Table Talk: Rick Stein

Table Talk: Rick Stein

If you could be transported back to any restaurant at any time, where would it be?

I haven’t been back since I filmed there for my series Mediterranean Escapes in 2026, thin I had a sublime spaghetti vongole with fresh porcini mushrooms, I remember it’s location right on a sandy beach very demonstrative family running it and as a difficult decision between this and sea urchin pasta – Ristorante Vittorio Porto Palo near Menf Sicily.




Favourite places around the world to fish/forage seafood?

Padstow, Cornwall, a) forage mussels, cockles, clams b) fish mackerel, pollock, seabass and garfish. Scotland, Ireland, Iceland – fishing trips with my boys, fly fishing for Salmon.

Sydney Harbour and Sydney – fishing for King fish. Mollymook and Port Stephens – fishing for snapper, whiting, and foraging for oysters. And where allowed, pipis.



If we were to peer into your fridge and pantry right now - what would we find?

I haven’t chosen the obvious things - crab meat, raw fish for sashimi, fermented black beans, nduja, sourdough starter (no I haven’t got a name for it!).



Favourite rituals around cooking and dining?

In the UK Radio 4 and in Sydney ABC Radio Sydney whilst prepping everything. A glass of champagne before anyone arrives and a cup of hot fish soup at 11.30pm if it’s a really big night.



Tell us the story behind your swordfish recipe in your Food For Everyone poster. How did it come about? 

It’s a dish of simplicity. I love Swordfish for its versatility. The salad is a variation of a dish I had in my travels in Palermo, Sicily. I love to grill it and serve it dressed with salsa verde because the acidity of the sauce compliments the fish. The salad is best in winter when oranges are at their best and adds great texture to the dish with the shaved fennel.


What sort of seafood do you reach for in each season?

Summer: Mahi Mahi. Brilliant served alongside a simple summer ripened tomato salad.

Autumn: Yellowfin Tuna works well with hearty autumnal ingredients - sauteed pine mushrooms in butter, garlic and thyme.

Winter: Blue Eye Trevalla. We serve this in the restaurant with truffles and a rich chicken sauce. Beautifully flaky and white.

Spring: Mirror Dory - Gently grilled with blanched spring greens balances to well with some fresh chopped herbs, olive oil and lemon.



Can you share some advice for people who find it daunting to cook seafood?

I'd recommend having a go with a fish like swordfish. It cooks so well on the barbeque and isn’t as fiddly or delicate as other fish can be. Whether as a star in a curry or dressed with salsa verde, it holds up so well.