Table Talk: Lisa Nooin

Table Talk: Lisa Nooin

Ahead of our collaboration with Lisa Nooin, we spoke to the Sydney-based artist about her favourite places to eat in her city and her most special food memories.



Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I draw inspiration from many places, such as life's simple moments, household objects, nature, and the strong, wonderful women around me.





If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge, what are 5 things we would always find? 

I have an odd mix of items in my pantry. The must-haves for me are definitely soy sauce, sriracha, honey, tea, and canned sardines.




What sort of food did you eat growing up? 

At school, I ate typical Aussie lunch items such as pies and sausage rolls, but at home, it was always Vietnamese food.


Take us through an average day on your plate. What does breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert look like? 

For breakfast, I usually have overnight oats with berries, honey, and chia seeds. For lunch, my go-to meals are either sardines cooked with eggs, onions, garlic, mixed with sriracha, olive oil, chili, and coriander, served with toast, or avocado and eggs topped with chili oil and toast. For dinner, my fiancé often cooks his classic healthy chicken and vegetables stir-fry with rice or beef ragu pasta.




Can you share one of your most treasured food memories? 

I remember not seeing my family for a long time during the pandemic lockdown. I really missed Vietnamese food and didn’t know how to cook the soup dishes since they required so many ingredients! After the lockdown was lifted, we had a get-together at my grandma’s house, and we all helped make ‘Bun Bo Hue,’ a spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Nothing tasted better than eating with loved ones and enjoying a home-cooked meal prepared by people you love.





What are your favourite rituals around food and dining? 

Sauces! Maybe it’s a Vietnamese thing, but I must have some (usually spicy) sauce to either season my food or to dip my food in.


What are your current favourite places to eat out in your city and why? 

There are too many great places to choose from, but some of my favourites are VN City in Strathfield for their delicious authentic Vietnamese food, La Lune for their cheesecakes and oat milk tea, Wonton Warrior in Burwood for their handmade wontons and noodles, and La Disfida in Haberfield for their truffle pizza!


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