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Gray And Gray’s Village Fowl by Boris Portnoy & Eytan Messiah

Gray And Gray’s Village Fowl by Boris Portnoy & Eytan Messiah

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Hailing from Georgia, this wholesome dish is served as the centrepiece of a festive family meal. Artist Eytan Messiah looked to Georgian folklore for inspiration, and found it in ‘lurji supra’ — a traditional Georgian tablecloth that symbolises the cultural importance of feasting. 

Working on white ceramic tiles adorned with deep-blue glaze, Eytan has centred the key ingredients: the rooster, pomegranate, and walnut tree underneath the all important ‘borjgali’, the Georgian symbol for the sun. 

This recipe is by Boris Portnoy, chef-owner of Gray and Gray Bread and Wine in Melbourne’s Northcote; a one-of-a-kind Georgian and Russian wine bar. The food that Boris makes is deeply personal — the menu reflecting his Russian heritage and decades spent travelling to Georgia. 

  • Limited edition of 300
  • One poster provides 10 meals
  • Available in: A2 format 42 x 59 cm | A3 format 29.7 x 42cm
  • Printed on 130gsm Extract paper, made entirely from 100% recycled coffee cups
  • Unframed

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Boris Portnoy & Eytan Messiah

Boris Portnoy is the owner and creative director of Gray and Gray Bread and Wine — restaurant and wine bar that masquerades as lawyer’s office in Northcote, Melbourne. Boris has kept the wine bar’s original shop front complete with vertical blinds and gold lettering that reads ‘Gray & Gray Barristers & Solicitors’, creating a tongue-in-cheek energy that filters through to the Russian and Georgian-inspired menu.

Eytan Messiah has developed modes of storytelling through interests in written and visual languages. Underpinning his current practice is the translation of myth referencing ancient figures, colonial paintings, folk art and early Staffordshire figurines.