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Florian's Cured Fish Plate by Dom Gattermayr & Mia Boe

Florian's Cured Fish Plate by Dom Gattermayr & Mia Boe

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A scene inspired by Salvador Dali's cookbook that artist Mia Boe discovered in a bookshop decades ago. This is Dom Gattermayr's Cured Fish Plate—an iconic dish at her eatery Florian—dreamed up by Mia. 

A table at Florian in a surreal landscape, the components of the recipe (trout, salmon, barramundi, horseradish, capers, eggs) all visible amid an unknown narrative.

  • Limited edition of 300
  • One poster provides 10 meals
  • Available in: A2 format 42 x 59 cm | A3 format 29.7 x 42cm
  • Printed on 130gsm Extract paper, made entirely from 100% recycled coffee cups
  • Unframed


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Dom Gattermayr & Mia Boe

Dom Gattermayr was born in Melbourne to parents who both worked in hospitality. As a child she lived on top of her parents’ cafe in South Melbourne where she learnt the in's and outs of cafes from an early age. Her cooking has never been about making things fancy or super inventive, it’s more about the produce and making something that is nourishing and balanced, combining old and new techniques and recipes. Florian, created by Dom and her friend Rose Richards, started from their shared passion for fresh, home-style simple cooking with European sensibilities and a focus on traditional cooking. Dom has learnt most of her cooking from her mum who is a chef but she credits her growth as a cook to travelling, working, reading, eating and all the people she’s met along the way.

Mia Boe is a painter from Meanjin (Brisbane). She is currently based in Naarm (Melbourne), working from a studio at Gertrude Contemporary. Her work is informed by her matrilineal family, Badtjala, from K'Gari (Fraser Island).