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CIBI's Miso Soup by Meg Tanaka's Grandma & Carla McRae

CIBI's Miso Soup by Meg Tanaka's Grandma & Carla McRae

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When Meg Tanaka first opened CIBI, her grandmother’s miso soup was the first thing on the menu and it has remained there ever since.

Artist Carla McRae has captured the essence of CIBI, its playful and wholesome energy, through bright colour and pleasing simplicity. 

This is a warming and joyful artwork that portrays the simple pleasure of sitting down to a bowl of hot miso soup, made from a recipe so special it has been handed down generations and now shared with all of Melbourne (...and Harry Styles).

  • Limited edition of 300
  • One poster provides 10 meals
  • Available in: A2 format 42 x 59 cm | A3 format 29.7 x 42cm
  • Printed on 130gsm Extract paper, made entirely from 100% recycled coffee cups
  • Unframed

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Meg Tanaka's Grandma & Carla McRae

In the back streets of Collingwood, Meg Tanaka and her partner Zenta opened CIBI Melbourne in 2008 — a concept store where food, design and people mingle.

With a vision to bring Japanese sensibilities to Melbourne, Meg has created space that is personal, inviting and celebrates daily joys through a considered menu, quality produce, and beautiful homewares.

Pronounced "chi-bee", CIBI translates 'a little one' — an expression of a way of living, curious, playful with a natural sense of delight.

Carla McRae works as both an artist and illustrator across multiple mediums, such as drawing, digital illustration, sculpture, installation, murals and publications. With her signature blend of both detail and minimalism she creates bright, colourful work with bold forms and fine lines. McRae is influenced by cartoons, popular culture and everyday observation. Thematically her work often explores the realm of emotions, evoking hope, happiness and optimism through dynamic and playful visual narratives.