Table Talk: Patti Chimkire

Table Talk: Patti Chimkire

Pastry chef Patti Chimkire runs the cult-melbourne cake shop Mali Bakes where she churns out whimsical retro-inspired creations.  Born and raised in Bangkok, Patti made the move to Melbourne in 2015. She launched Mali Bakes in 2019, turning it from a lockdown project into one of Melbourne's sweetest hotspots with stores in Fitzroy and Thornbury.




What are your favourite rituals around food and dining?

Tunes! I love putting on a good mix and playlist while cooking. My favourite at the moment is Chapter #76 mix by Sasha Marie.

What's your favourite season for produce?

Definitely Summer! There's nothing quite like the vibrant flavours of berries and peaches ripening in the summer sun.




If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge, what are 5 things we would always find?

-  A jar of Kimchi

-  Nori Tsukudani paste (Japanese Seaweed paste. I love adding this into hot rice)

-  Chilli oil!
-  Prik Nam Pla, Thai chilli sauce that has Fish sauce, sliced garlic, Thai chilli and lime juice. I often make this at the beginning of the week and have it with everything.

-  Umeshu Japanese Plum wine. I love macerating berries with Umeshu. Delicious and easy topping for sponge or pavlova.





What are some cookbooks you always turn to?

-  The last bite - Anna Higham
-  Beatrix Bakes Natalie Paull
-  Baking with Dorie - Dorie Greenspan
-  Love is a pink cake Claire Ptak

- Cake Bible Rose Levy Beranbaum


What are your most trusted kitchen tools?

Stick blender. This little guy is the most useful thing in our kitchen. We use them to emulsify ganache, puree fruit or even help when we want our buttercream to be more vibrant with food colouring.





Do you have a strange go-to midnight snack or weird food pairing that you love?

Fruit toast spread with mascarpone and mandarin



Mali Bakes' Matcha Chiffon Roll by Patti Chimkire and Beci Orpin