Table Talk: Max Blackmore

Table Talk: Max Blackmore

Max Blackmore is a graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, designer and part-time skin inker. Never caught without an idea in his head, he’s perpetually creating.

For our Artist Collection 2, Max collaborated with Adelaide restaurant Africola to portray their Riverland Yabbie Boil.



Tell us about your Food For Everyone poster - what was your approach?

I tried my gosh darn hardest to portray the flavour but especially the colours of your traditional Louisiana crab boil. Always love a bit of gingham!



What is one of your happiest food memories?

Not a single memory but my Spanish grandmothers' relationship with food and cooking process is something that makes me happy when I think back to it. She’s not here anymore so I hang on to those memories more and more.



What sort of food did you eat growing up?

A lot of Galician and Spanish meals at my grandparents farm — callos (hectic tripe stew), tortillas (spanish omelette), pulpo (octopus), patatas bravas with pimentos, steaks the size of your head and fritos (sweet rice donuts).



If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge, what are 5 things we would always find?

 Kewpie, potatoes, olive oil, Maldon sea salt, eggs ….. (garlic, onion, paprika)

 Basically if I can make a tortilla, everything is okay!



What are your favourite places to eat out in your city?

I live in a small coastal town so 100% the local chinese restaurant which is called Ming Terrace. It's an absolute institution that never disappoints.

Also recently I had an amazing time at Havilah Wine in Launceston, kinda wish I lived in Lonny now.



Africola's Riverland Yabbie Boil
by Duncan Welgemoed, Lauren Southwell & Max Blackmore