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Florian’s Cured Fish Plate by Dom Gattermayr

  • 24-48 hours to cure the fish
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  • 20 minutes
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  • SERVES 4-6

"Cured fish is my absolute favourite. My grandma made salmon gravlax for special occasions. My sister and I would always devour it in fear of not getting enough!  My mum taught me how to cure fish and now it's something I do all the time.


This cured fish plate has drawn inspiration from the many Jewish delis in New York where I ate a lot when I lived there in 2018. I feel like there are few places to eat this type of food in Melbourne and I would say it's one of the dishes people have often travelled to Florian to eat."


- Dom Gattermayr

Florian’s Cured Fish Plate by Dom Gattermayr


  • King ora salmon, ocean trout, or Humpty Doo barramundi
  • 1 bunch of dill, finely chopped
  • Capers, to serve
  • Caperberries, sliced in half, to serve
  • Chives, finely chopped
  • Yoghurt
  • Horseradish
  • Egg, one per person
  • Fresh crusty bread, rye or sourdough
  • 1kg table salt + 1kg white sugar for fish cure


  1. For the cured fish: Carefully remove the skin and bones from the fish. You can use whole sides of fish as they do at Florian, or smaller fillets. Press the dill leaves firmly into the flesh of the fish.
  2. For the cure mix, combine equal parts sugar and salt in a bowl. On a large baking dish or container, pour a layer of the cure mix. Lay the fish fillets on the cure and top with the rest of the mix so that they are covered entirely. The fish can overlap as long as there is a decent layer of cure in between. Cover the tray or container with a lid.
  3. Cure for at least 24 hours. It can take up to 2-3 days depending on the size of your fish. To test if it’s ready, push aside some of the cure mix and test for firmness with your finger. If it still feels soft, it will need more time. If it needs longer, discard and replace the cure mix with a fresh coating.
  4. Once finished, gently brush off the cure and rinse under cold water being careful not to strip the dill away. Gently pat dry with paper towel.
  5. To serve: Boil an egg for 6 minutes and 45 seconds, quickly plunging it into an ice bath to halt the cooking process. Peel, slice in half and top with chives.
  6. Mix together horseradish and yoghurt until combined. Slice your cured fish as thin as you like.
  7. On your favourite plate, assemble a bit of fish, bread, horseradish yoghurt topped with capers, egg, and caperberries. Drizzle with good quality olive oil and finish with salt and pepper.