Tarts Anon

Tarts Anon

The cult-favourite tart shop that Melbourne just can't get enough of. 

Co-founded by Gareth Whitton and Catherine Way, Tarts Anon epitomises what it means to carve out a niche - doing one thing and doing it to absolute perfection.

For them, its (you guessed it) tarts! An old-school, classic pastry form that they relentlessly reinvent with playful flavours. With an ever-changing seasonal menu, they serve up both sweet and savoury slices logging a catalogue of over 120 flavours in the process (many that will show up in their soon-to-be-release cookbook).

With a lengthy career as a pastry chef in fine-dining kitchens, Gareth approaches tarts with technical brilliance and endless creativity, honing his years of experience into one delicious medium.

The Poster

A playful riff on a classic — a dreamy vanilla custard contrasted with a layer of zingy rhubarb compote, transformed by artist Alice Oehr into a colourful collage.

Shop Posters

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