Rick Stein

Rick Stein

A true culinary icon, Rick Stein has graced our televisions for almost 30 years taking us along on his culinary journeys around the world. The chef has written over 25 cookbooks, but its his infectious enthusiasm and endless curiosity has made him an international treasure.
Rick's zest for adventure is matched only by his love for fresh seafood, which extends into his restaurants. In 2009, Rick opened his first restaurant outside of the UK, 'Rick Stein at Bannisters' in Mollymook, New South Wales.
Rick has a certain soft spot for Australia, finding a 'second home' on our shores, now splitting his time between his home in Cornwall and Mollymook.

The Poster

A recipe of simplicity inspired by a dish Rick had in his travels in Palermo, Sicily. Artist Gemma Leslie captured the 'mise en place' of Rick's recipe, all the ingredients strewn about in the kitchen waiting to be brought together.

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