Meg Tanaka

Meg Tanaka

In the back streets of Collingwood, Meg Tanaka and her partner Zenta opened CIBI Melbourne in 2008 — a concept store where food, design and people mingle.

With a vision to bring Japanese sensibilities to Melbourne, Meg has created space that is personal, inviting and celebrates daily joys through a considered menu, quality produce, and beautiful homewares.

Pronounced "chi-bee", CIBI translates 'a little one' — an expression of a way of living, curious, playful with a natural sense of delight.

CIBI Tokyo (opened in 2015) and CIBI corner store Kitasando (in 2020), now part of the evolving CIBI family story. 




The Poster - Miso Soup by Meg's Grandma

Nourishing, comforting and well-balanced, this Japanese staple has been on the menu at CIBI since it first opened.

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