Table Talk: Rose Goodchild

Table Talk: Rose Goodchild

Rose is a Melbourne-based painter who creates realistic paintings using the pointillism method, incredibly detailed and ever-so-slightly tinged with a nostalgic light.

She spends her days growing produce as a kitchen gardener and the remainder of her time working on her art practice. Her art aims to highlight the intricacies of the objects and settings that surround us in everyday life.

We spoke to Rose about her day on a plate, dining rituals and her favourite season in Melbourne. 

Can you tell us about your approach to turning Ragazzi's recipe into a piece of art?

I was so excited once I found out I was doing Ragazzi's blue mackerel and mafaldine pasta. This is exactly the sort of food I love to eat! The idea of painting a whole fish really excited me too, so I decided to build around the mackerel with the other ingredients in their raw form in a still life stack. Keeping it simple allowed me to hero the individual ingredients and all the different textures and qualities that they bring to the dish. It was then all tied together with a colour palette and mood that I felt represented the restaurant.


Take us through an average day on your plate. 

Breakfast is just multiple Moccona’s. Lunch I might do quesadillas or grab a sandwich from somewhere local - Jaunito’s is my all-time fave. For dinner it’s probably going to be a pasta or pizza of some kind - heavy on the garlic and cheese! If I'm eating out, I love to go to Good Days for some chicken and rice or the Grandview for a pub feed. 



If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge, what are 5 things we would always find? 

Garlic aioli, big block of cheese, tortillas/bread/pasta (something beige and carby!), Moccona, a jar jalapenos



What are your favourite rituals around food and dining? 

For me it’s as simple as sitting down with friends and family and enjoying a big family style meal together. Music, drinks and snacks to start. Always an abundance of food so nobody misses out or leaves feeling peckish! 



What sort of food did you eat growing up?

Lots of roasts, lasagne and curry. Egg and breadcrumbs was also a favourite, and definitely homemade pizza after Dad built a pizza oven in the backyard. Special mention goes out to the enormous tubs of nutella and wonder white in the pantry!

Favourite season for produce?

I love spring. It is the best time in Melbourne when everyone reemerges from their winter cocoons. Moods are high, and I find myself more eager to dine out and try the new spring menus around town. As a kitchen gardener, it is also when the garden begins to come alive again. Warmer days, faster growth, plus lots of planning and potting up summer crops for the restaurant.


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Ragazzi's Mafaldine with Blue Mackerel and Chilli by Scott McComas-Williams
and Rose Goodchild