Table Talk: Kate Reid

Table Talk: Kate Reid

Kate Reid is the founder and co-owner of Lune where she crafts croissants that are always worth lining up for. In the pursuit of perfection, Kate and her team at Lune pump out pastries containing thousand of delicate layers made from the finest ingredients. 

Delving deeper into the creative minds behind Artist Collection No.2, we spoke to Kate about her pantry essentials, food memories and her go-to midnight snack.

 Photo: Lune Croissanterie Instagram

Can you share one of your happiest food memories?

One of my very dearest friends lives in Paris and owns a beautiful little café called Telescope. Each time I visit Paris, months before I am due to arrive we begin planning an epic night out together. This tradition started with a dinner Nico booked for us at Saturne (which sadly no longer exists). 9 courses, paired wines. It was pure magic; every course, every mouthful, every sip of wine. The final dish was the “cheese course”. A plate of the finest, most delicately shaved slices of aged comte – so thin they were actually floating. We were told to eat the course quickly as the thin-as-air slices would deflate and fall, losing their ethereal lightness. As I placed a slice on my tongue it was more like eating air that tasted like comte, dissolving, only to leave small crunchy, crystals of calcium lactate. It was so mindblowingly good (and yet simple) all we could both do was giggle with food joy.



If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge, what are 5 things we would always find?

Honestly, a pretty weird and wild selection of condiments. I live by myself and I eat out quite a lot, so every time I buy a jar of something new, it ends up being added to the massive collection on the top shelf. A few of my go-tos are Dijon mustard, Meatsmith’s Pepper Sauce (it’s god tier), preserved lemons and sambal.

You will also ALWAYS find a stick of good quality cultured butter (for the eating), and a block of Western Star (for the baking!)



How do you like to shop for food?

On an as-need basis, at specialty stores. I’m so lucky, living in Fitzroy I am within a five minute walk of Meatsmith, Hinoki Pantry, Wholefoods Fitzroy, Gertrude Grocer and Rose St Pantry. If those guys don’t sell it – it’s not worth having.



What food did you eat growing up?

Growing up we ate pretty simply; healthy home cooked meals, always at the table. It was a chance for some quality family time, and I think it instilled in me an appreciation for stopping to eat and enjoy food with loved ones. Mum always made a killer stuffed roast chook, and her lasagna is my favourite on the planet.



Do you have a strange go-to midnight snack that you love?

If I get the late-night munchies, it’s almost always a Messina call to action. Their Super Dulce de Leche is my go-to, but I cannot go past the Finger Bun special when it’s on the menu (which is frankly not often enough). That gelato is pure crack.


Lune's Coconut Pandan Twice-baked Croissant by Kate Reid X Simon Fitzsimon