Table Talk: Daniel - Emma

Table Talk: Daniel - Emma

Get to know our latest collaborators Daniel To and Emma Aiston - the Adelaide design duo who make nice things. 



Take us through a day on your plate. What does breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert look like for you? 

E - Weetbix / salad / rice with things or eggs on toast/ ice block

D - Noodles / salad (begrudgingly) / rice with things or eggs on toast / ice block

We are absolute creatures of habit so more or less replicate this on every ’normal’ day!


What are some of your favourite rituals around food and dining?

Fun music and a good ol’ dance, as well as setting the table nicely and using all of our special crockery.



And what do you like to cook for the people you love?

E - A cake (normally an upside down apricot or plum cake!)

D - Fried rice


If we were to peer into your pantry and fridge at any given time, what are 5 things we’d most likely find?

Kimchi, bananas, almond milk, butter, eggs



What items in your kitchen do you covet?

Our pink MoccaMaster (which we use exclusively to brew tea in!), and our very old, but very much loved Tiger rice cooker!



What is your favourite bar or restaurant in Adelaide for a date night?



Do you have a strange go-to midnight snack or weird food pairing that you love?

Microwave Papadums and peanut butter generously heaped on banana slices (or the peanut butter straight out of the jar!)



Your design practice is largely centred on the home. What makes a house a home for you?

Each other, our dogs and the history and stories connected to the belongings that fill our space.


Daniel - Emma X FFE Lucky Charms