8 foodie podcasts to devour

8 foodie podcasts to devour

From famous actresses sitting at the River Cafe in London, to comedians talking about what’s in their fridge, and serious conversations about kitchen utensils … we just really love listening to people talk about food!

Here’s what we’re listening to at the moment...


1. River Cafe Table 4

The legendary River Cafe in London has an equally iconic podcast, hosted by co-owner and head chef Ruth Rogers.

Ruth sits down with her very famous friends who frequent the Michelin-star restaurant, including artists, architects, actors, writers, and politicians. She has interviewed the likes of Stanley Tucci, Stella McCartney, Austin Butler and Lily Allen, sharing their food stories and memories.

This podcast captures the atmosphere of River Cafe - laidback, fun, and classic. It’s a joy to listen to.

Check it out here.


2. Highly Enthused

While not strictly a food podcast, Highly Enthused is a modern guide to things worth consuming — which is valuable in a content-wild world. Sophie McComas and Sophie Roberts are purveyors of cool, sharing what they’ve been eating, drinking, and doing (along with the trials and tribulations of toddler life). It’s informative and engrossing, but still feels like a casual catch up with friends.

Take a listen here.


3. Off Menu

Hosted by two British comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, Off Menu is equal parts hilarious and clever. They welcome their guests to a magical restaurant where they can order their dream meal—entree, main, side dish, dessert and drinks. 

The duo interrogate their guest’s choices, revealing funny anecdotes and memories along the way. 



4. Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

Table Manners is such a comforting podcast. Despite having a swathe of celebrity guests, you feel right at home as if you are sitting with the mother-daughter duo at their dinner table.

Over a home-cooked meal, Jessie and Lennie chat about food stories from famous friends. As Jessie Ware is a singer, the award-winning podcast is skewed toward interviews with musicians, including episodes with Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Lianne La Havas, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Robbie Williams.

Listen to Table Manners here.


5. Radio Cherry Bombe

From our favourite US food and female-focused magazine Cherry Bombe, editor Kerry Diamond hosts the publication’s podcast Radio Cherry Bombe.

Kerry interviews the coolest culinary personalities — the chefs, creatives, and entrepreneurs shaking up the industry. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the American culinary world.

Listen here.


6. The Food Chain

The Food Chain is created by BBC and therefore brings with it a more newsworthy and informative approach with a very broad look at food as an industry, a science, and as culture. They investigate a range of quirky topics from the Queen’s shopping habits, to what it’s like to cook with OCD.

We also love their series called ‘My Life In 5 Dishes’ which interviews famous food icons to capture their lives in food, including interviews with Alice Waters, Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi and Samin Nosrat.

Find out more here.


7. Dirty Linen

Hosted by food industry legend Dani Valent, Dirty Linen peers into the back-of-house workings of Australian restaurants, cafes and bars. Dani chats about the nitty gritty aspects of hospitality like mental health, industry struggles, and rebuilding an industry ravaged by the pandemic.

We thoroughly enjoyed her episode with Gerald Diffey who truly embodies the spirit of classic hospitality. 


8. Monocle 24: The Menu

A podcast with a global outlook, Monocle magazine’s podcast ‘The Menu’ shares their guide to food and drink. Their short and sharp ‘Food Neighbourhood’ series interviews chefs from across the world walking us through their signature recipes—it’s strangely very therapeutic to have recipes read out loud to you! (Just be sure to have a notepad and pen handy).

Find it Monocle 25 here.