Gerald's Bar Dirty Martini

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"We like to ‘throw’ our Martinis, decanting between two shakers to chill the gin and vermouth and mix in the olive brine for a perfectly clear cocktail. The Bella di Cerginola olive is a big meaty olive from Puglia and brings out the dirtiness, huzzah!!" - Gerald Diffey
Gerald's Bar Dirty Martini


  • - 60ML MGC Gin
  • - 5ML Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • - 10ML Olive brine
  • - 1 Cerignola olive to garnish


  1. Throwing a martini…this is a tricky one. Takes a bit of practice, even for experienced bartenders! You need a Boston tin, a Tobi tin (ie- the top and bottom of a stainless steel cocktail shaker), and a julep strainer.
  2. Put your gin, vermouth and brine into the Boston tin. Fill the tin with ice. Place your Julep strainer over the top, wedging it in fairly tightly so you wont lose any ice and then start ‘throwing’ the liquid contents into the Tobi tin. (For a beginner, we recommend just pouring it in, preferably from a height).
  3. Then return the contents back into the Boston tin and repeat until the contents are chilled (this is something you learn to feel, but the shaker should start to feel cold and condense). You want to do it reasonably quickly and worth a bit of force, to chill the contents quickly, draw oxygen in to the liquids (to bring out the aromas of the gin and vermouth) and add a bit of texture.
  4. Serve in a chilled martini glass with a skewered olive. Huzzah!