Rosheen Kaul

Rosheen Kaul

Rosheen Kaul is a cookbook author, food columnist and head chef at Etta in Melbourne’s Brunswick East. Born in Singapore to Kashmiri-Peranakan-Chinese parents, the menu at Etta is as culturally diverse as she is, cooking and writing through the lens of a growing up Asian-Australian. Her first cookbook Chinese-ish – with co-author and illustrator Joanna Hu – was published in July of this year.

The Poster - Black Pepper Mud Crab by Rosheen Kaul & Allie Webb

Unmistakably the work of Allie Webb, this lino-cut piece depicts Rosheen Kaul’s black pepper mud crab. A recipe so fiery and luscious has seen Allie introduce burnt red colours to her traditionally monochromatic works. Black pepper crab is the evil twin of the famous Singapore chilli crab. The sauce has this luscious, radiating warmth from the cracked black peppercorns and chilli, and so much fragrance and flavour from curry leaves.

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