Rahma Soliman

Rahma Soliman

Working across mostly large-scale oil paintings, Rahma aims to illustrate the lively, yet intimate moments of her home country, Egypt.

Through sharing her colourful depictions of life in her motherland, Rahma is able to connect with her heritage by creating an ‘in-between’ space, seeking to bring comfort to other diasporas who often feel displaced, and when stuck in momentary lostness can't find belonging in her work.

Her nostalgic paintings convey a sense of content in belonging to two places at once, but not fully in either. Rahma lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Baba's Place Summer Tomatoes

This recipe by head chef Jean-Paul El Tom evokes the joy of summer and the smell of bushy tomato trees growing in baba’s, yiayia’s or teta’s backyard. Emerging artist Rahma Soliman sought to capture a specific moment in time — the height of a summer's day in her home country of Egypt. Hours spent outdoors until the heat of the day settles into your bones, carrying you into a still and sleepy afternoon. When you finally head home and retreat into coolness, Baba serves up tomatoes picked from the garden, arranged lovingly on their best plate on a table adorned with their best lace tablecloth. Life is good.

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