Gerald Diffey

Gerald Diffey

Gerald's Bar is a timeless gem, a place that feels familiar and comforting even if you've never stepped foot in the door. If you look up 'hospitality' in the dictionary, you'll find a photo of Gerald Diffey, who runs the eponymous bar alongside his right-hand man Mario Di Ienno — hospitality stalwarts and legends amongst locals.

In their own words, Gerald's is a place where "sometimes the music is too loud, sometimes the wine flows too freely, sometimes the food runs out, but have no fear, we'll do it all again tomorrow and the next day and the day after..."

The Poster - Oysters and a Dirty Martini by Gerald's Bar

Timeless classics - just like Gerald's Bar - oysters and a dirty martini, imagined by artist Libby Haines. A 'recipe' for a great night out. Gerald likes to 'throw' his martinis, decanting between two shakers to chill the gin and vermouth and mix in the olive brine for a perfectly clear cocktail.

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