Evi-O. Studio

Evi-O. Studio

Evi-O.Studio is a design office specialising in creative collaborations, publications and brand identity. The studio is led by Evi O., a multidisciplinary, award-winning artist. Evi O. roams the abstract genre, fortifying the power of colours and utilising her practice as a way to understand the world and a channel for her constant curiosity. Her art and design studios are based in Marrickville, Sydney.

The Poster

When you think of Nigella Lawson, you think of decadence, beauty, and elegance. An essence perfectly captured in her recipe for a dark and sumptuous chocolate cake and artist Evi-O’s interpretation of it. Adorned with rose petals and pistachios, this isn’t your average chocolate cake. Evi-O has run wild with the rose motif — it bursts onto centre stage, coming off the edges of the poster with pistachios tumbling down onto the swirly, devilish chocolate cake below.

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