Aretha Brown

Aretha Brown

Aretha Brown is an Indigenous artist and activist, who made headlines following her speeches at both the 2017 and 2018 Invasion Day Protests in Melbourne. In 2017 Aretha was elected the first female Prime Minister of the National Indigenous Youth Parliament, the youngest ever person — and the first woman — to hold this position. Now a practising artist and screenwriter, Aretha takes heavy influence from her time growing up in Melbourne's Western Suburbs. As well as her own identity as a queer, Blak, young person living in the confinements of an urban colony.  

In 2019 Aretha founded the **Kiss My Art Collective. Since its inception **Kiss My Art has made over 53 murals and public artworks in Australia, Great Britain, India and Indonesia since 2019.

The Poster - Quandong and Davidson's Plum Iced Vovo

A new vision of Australiana — the Quandong and Davidson’s Plum Iced Vovo is a play on one of modern Australia’s most iconic snacks with a native twist, depicted by Aretha in her striking style — bold shapes, deep colours and strong line work.

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