Annie Smithers

Annie Smithers

Annie Smithers was the Australian pioneer of the kitchen garden movement and farm-to-table dining. For over 12 years now she has cooked from her vegetable gardens, working in tandem with the harsh Australian seasons.

Her restaurant du Fermier in Trentham, Victoria serves classic French Farmhouse style food, where Annie grows most of the produce and selects her proteins and dairy products from farmers with the highest regenerative and animal husbandry ethics. 

Annie writes for The Saturday Paper, has a regular segment on Blueprint for Living on Radio National and has written 3 books. Her most recent book, Recipes For A Kinder Life, blends memoir, recipes and practical tips on how to walk the earth a little more gently.

The Poster - Broad Bean Dip by Annie Smithers & Alice Oehr

The broad bean dip recipe is a labour of love. From planting and tending the plants, to picking the pods, to podding them, blanching them, skinning them, then crushing them. It is amazing that something so simple can be so complex, in both its rendering and its taste structure.

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