Andy Cooks

Andy Cooks

Andy Hearnden, known to most as Andy Cooks, is a chef who creates online cooking videos for his 13 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Andy is a Kiwi chef based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who first put an apron on at the age of three and never took it off.

Andy spent 20 years working as a professional chef in kitchens across the world, including Auckland, London, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. Now, after two decades as a chef, he hangs out in his kitchen at home, developing recipes, sharing techniques, and creating dishes for home cooks to follow along.

Andy started his content journey in November 2021 with the sole focus on teaching himself how to be a better home cook (because being a good chef doesn't make you a great home cook) and inspiring others along the way.

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