Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory is one of the most talked about and trailblazing young chefs in Australia today, with a string of enviable kitchen credits to her name, including The Ledbury, Michel Bras, Mugaritz and Sydney’s Quay. Having flirted with returning to France, she instead packed her bags on a whim in 2017 and moved to Tasmania where she headed up the state's most acclaimed restaurant, Franklin in Hobart

When Analiese is not busy with one of her many projects, she is renovating her 110-year-old farmhouse in the Huon Valley, where she lives with a cornucopia of farm friends and a wardrobe filled with charcuterie (a new hobby; she insists it was the best place for it!) and plans to open a bespoke intimate restaurant. Tasmania has given her a semblance of meaning and the life she craved, and she cherishes her time in nature foraging, diving, hunting, cooking on beaches, and connecting with the people whose life work it is to grow our food.

The Poster - Crayfish Cocktail by Analiese Gregory & Nuñez Rojas

An interplay of form, colour, and composition, this is Analiese Gregory's Crayfish Cocktail as imagined by artist Nuñez Rojas. A simultaneously bold yet understated work, this recipe poster is a lesson in abstract minimalism and the fluidity of the language of food. This is a dish that came to be when I got home to Tasmania from Sydney one day and found a friend sitting on my lawn, holding a crayfish, with the intention of staying for dinner. All I had in the house were potatoes, lovage growing in the garden and eggs from the chicken. Thus the crayfish potato salad was born. - Analiese Gregory

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