Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr is a Melbourne-based artist known for her distinct playful style that incorporates a love of food, pattern collage, and drawing.

She draws both for work and for fun, which has led her to teaching, speaking and writing on the subject publishing several books along the way.

Like most professional doodlers, Alice loves to record the world as she moves through it, and uses her work to showcase her observations and interpretations of the details she encounters. But she almost always returns to food.

The Poster - Vanilla and Rhubarb Tart by Tarts Anon

For this recipe poster, Tarts Anon has delivered a playful riff on a classic, a dreamy vanilla custard contrasted with a layer of zingy rhubarb compote. It’s a slice of perfection that pops up on their ever-changing menu when rhubarb is in season. Alice has transformed the recipe into a colourful collage; almost deceiving in its simplicity with the ingredients hidden in plain sight. Rhubarb fronds masquerading as trees, a slab of butter and eggs dotted along the bottom, vanilla pods, their flowers, and curls of cream surround the glorious tart that takes centre stage.

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