Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr

Alice Oehr's distinct, colourful style incorporates a love of food, pattern, collage and drawing. She draws both for work and for fun, which has led her to teaching, speaking and writing on the subject. Since 2017, she has run regular Still Life Drawing sessions for Apple iPad Pro at Lamington Drive gallery. Like most professional doodlers, Alice loves to record the world as she moves through it, and uses her work to showcase her observations and interpretations of the details she encounters.

The Poster - Broad Bean Dip by Annie Smithers & Alice Oehr

Broad Bean Dip by Annie Smithers & Alice Oehr .... This recipe poster is labour of love, both from chef Annie Smithers and artist Alice Oehr. A recipe that may seem simple in its composition, is complex in taste and also in its journey to the plate. From planting and tending the plants, to picking the pods, to podding them, blanching them, skinning them, then crushing them, which Annie undertakes on her farm in Trentham, Victoria. Alice has heroed the broad bean pods and their flowers in a positively verdant palette.

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